Sunday, July 11, 2010

Graveyard Stew

Abandoned Cemeteries & Lost Graves
Abandoned Cemeteries from around the United States by Waymarking
19th Century Immigrant Grave Found In Pa.?19th Century Immigrant Grave Found In Pa.?
Forgotten New York Cemeteries
Forgotten Grave Discovered from Deadwood Magazine
Frontier baby’s grave may lie in the tollway path
Soldier buried on Route 5
Legend of lost graves , Fallon, NV
Mystery of the Lost Cemetery
Lost stories: Historic cemetery showing ravages of time
Coffins Under the Street
North Carolina, Historic cemetery discovered
Vermont, cemetery uncovered
Boston, Granery Burial grounds
L.A. Chinese Bigotry, graves unearthed
Tombstone Mystery, Ohio
Unnamed Union Soldier found
Family cemeteries dying
Save old family cemeteries
From Cincinnati, Ohio but could have been written about any of our cemeteries, READ THIS ONE!
Gladiators' graveyard discovered
Finding old unmarked graves
Old graves to be moved
Old graves in a old town
Wake County development turning up old graves -
Archaeologists join hunt for long-lost burials in historic cemetery
Excavation of lost Newburgh cemetery
Lost “Ruby City” Cemetery Revisited
Johnson Co. KS Digital Cemetery Project
Wisconsin’s Lost Cemeteries
Finding Lost Graves
Lost Cemetery - Hamburg Pike - Clark County Indiana
Lost Cemeteries of Hudson County
Lost Cemetery Uncovered At Ky. Horse Park
Mystery of the Lost Cemetery
Abandoned Cemeteries, La Porte Indiana
Connecticut, Saving Abandoned Cemeteries and Grave Markers
College Station, TX Abandond Cemeteries Get TLC
The Forgotten Souls of Route 66

African American
Love Cemetery, my favorite book
More on the Love Cemetery
Preservation of African American Cemeteries in Izard and Sharp County, Arkansas
Bringing Cemeteries to Life
Tiny cemetery has survived in York County South Carolina

Caretakers Homes
A Life Of Peace --
The Genealogy Center - Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
Residing, in peace, at the cemetery - Design -
Cemetery firm fights to tear down caretaker's house
Caretaker's House - Hollywood Cemetery on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Clinton Grove Cemetery Caretaker's House
Harrisburg Cemetery Caretaker's House (1845) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Queens Crap: Wake for cemetery caretaker's house
Pennsylvania State Parks - White Clay Creek Sextons House - PA DCNR
Sexton's House, Vieilleville, France (no longer in use) on Flickr - Photo Sharing
Crews work on Sexton House

Cemetery Postcards (New York Cemeteries)

Cemetery Walks/Strolls/Reenactments (scripts from Sunnyslope Cemetery Stroll)

City of the Silent

Dos and Don'ts From Connecticut Gravestone Network

Family Cemeteries
Save old family cemeteries

Favorite pages of Photos (nobody can beat his artistry!) (photos from cemeteries, haunted places, and historical sites) (private collection of cemeteries of family history) (Photo project) (This is really great, just a few pictures, but they are alive!)

Grave Houses
The Grave House by Frederick Smoot
A GraveHouse from Hill Country by Terry Thornton
GraveHouse Legends ,the book, by Jeremy Broussard
Beverly and the Grave House

Graveyard Rabbit, Everyone’s favorite

Indian and Sacred Burial Ground

Lesson plans for cemetery teaching
Stories Under the Stone A DVD and information

List of other grave/cemetery sites
Web Resources by Midge Frazel , A Graveyard Rabbit Pictures and gravestones around Cape Cod

Morticians in US (use to call and ask about the local cemeteries)

Preservation of Cemeteries
Indiana Pioneer Restoration Project. Great ideas.
A great story of a neglated cemetery and how it was saved.
Satellite of cemetery maps , a project of Graveyard Rabbits, in part

Search of grave sites by name or cemetery
Cemetery Webring

Symbols from the cemetery (abbreviations)

Southern California Cemeteries Forest Lawn Hollywood Forver Los Angeles City Cemetery Los Angeles National Cemetery El Monte Cemetery (Avalon Cemetery) (Lake Elsinore)

Transcription Projects
Software for Cemetery Transcription

Variety of cemetery stuff to die for
a wooden grave marker/headboard (Wooden grave markers, very informative) (I don’t know what to make of this, but it is interesting) (cemetery stuff, variety) (death and dying encyclopedia) (Stones of Faith, PA Germans)
Slots and Tabs Tombs
Prairie dogs plague Fairview Cemetery (New Mexico)

Veterans Cemeteries
Antietiam National Cemetery
History of military headstones
Civil War
Civil War vet gets civil resting place Orange County, CA